NYC’s Commercial & Residential Plastering Services

After successfully installing your home or office drywall, our plastering contractors use sheetrock tape and sheetrock compound on every seam where two pieces of drywall meet. The purpose of drywall seam repairs is to create a seamless transition between wall panels.

Quality at a Great Cost

Finishing drywall joints can take as long as four days to properly complete. This process involves taping, adding a filler, and topping it off with a finishing coat. Each step involves applying a layer of joint compound that is wider than the one before and is done with precision by our team of skilled craftsmen.

We plaster your walls and ceilings to ensure that it all looks like one flat piece with a smooth wall texture. We ensure that every seam and every screw hole is repaired and covered with joint compound.

Our Process:

Our Trained Professional Craftsmen will plaster your walls and ceilings creating the impression that your wall consists of one flat piece.

Every seam and every screw hole will be covered with joint compound. We provide valuable cost-saving suggestions.

As always, you can trust Arif contracting corporation personnel to be fully licensed, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind.