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Temporizing on the repair of exterior damage can lead to higher cost and greater wood damage possibility. You can hire expert painting or do it yourself contractors to do it for you. Asif contracting have the required tools, experience, and qualified staffs to ensure you get a quality exterior house painting in New York City.

Stucco is a great material that can be applied to curved or flat surfaces either outside or inside any structure or building. Stucco has vast use as a surface polish because of its low first cost, utility, and the minimum necessity for maintenance. stucco is the desired finishing material because it is strong, durable, color-retentive and fire-resistant.

Stucco surfaces must be kept. Even a small crack will lead to water intrusion. Indeed, a flaw as small as 1/16” of an inch wide can allow water to enter behind the stucco, especially if the stucco system has no moisture obstruction. All fractures 1/16” larger or wide and all broken areas of stucco should be properly renovated. Any infiltration through the stucco that is left uncapped will allow the entrance of water.

Any shape, any color, new spray, or just fixing what you have on the ground already, We can offer you the solution to any stucco need you have. Get a quality

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We provide top quality, long-lasting, home improvement services and exterior house painting. Asif contracting are firmly committed from start to finish to customize the services to the taste of the customer. Putting our customers first remains our priority. We strive to ensure clients get the best home improvements and house painting.

The attractive architectural designs made possible by Asif contracting make these homes very marketable and desirable. It is essential, however, to wisely maintain these structures to prevent water incursion and deterioration. With the proper care and maintenance, your stucco system will proivde you several years of function and beauty.

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