Water has been known to be the most intrusive and destructive enemies to your building and its longevity. It has been known to weaken the most durable of structures. It seeps into cracks, crevices or just gets absorbed into pores and stays there while it slowly and cunningly eats at the very foundations of your structures.

As such, waterproofing service is very important if you want to maintain the integrity of your building, basement, and foundation. A quality waterproofing job, when done right, adds to and reinforces the strength of the structure and helps avoid further deterioration. Asif Contracting and Waterproofing professionals in Brooklyn, NYC understand the importance of shielding your home water infiltration and ensures you have a well-wrapped home that does not give in to the harmful effects of water seepage.

In order to ensure that your home or building is free from water problems, it is important to understand all the mechanisms that contribute to components of structures getting wet and how building assemblies drain and dry. We as a quality waterproofing contractor do the job for residential waterproofing, foundation wall, parapet wall or basement waterproofing in & around Brooklyn, NYC.

Our Services

Following are some of the waterproofing services that We provide to our valued clients:

Installation of high quality, weather-resistive drainage, and barrier as well as flashing systems to promote proper drainage of water that is well away from your building.

Installation of rain screens to break capillary moisture flow, to ensure damage of water seeping in through capillaries.

Installation of air barrier systems and a breathable building wrap

Installation of air sealing around all penetrations, sealing your interiors from external moisture from condensation

If water infiltration has already caused considerable damage, we can take care of the following waterproofing problems for you:

Concrete Spalling
Mortar Deterioration
Leaks in Parapet walls
Bulged brickwork
Leaks at window perimeters
Freeze and thaw damage to joints

Once we have rectified all the water-related faults in and around your property, We apply the best quality and brand of sealant to ensure complete protection and safety of your building and everything in it as part of our residential waterproofing job.

We are committed to providing the most superior quality of service and craftmanship. Our only focus is on the satisfaction of our valued clients and we believe in developing, maintaining and strengthening relationships with our clients that are just as long-lasting as our weatherproofing jobs.

Weatherproof your house before it’s too late. After all, your home deserves the best. Call us today for a weather proofing consultation with some of the finest contractors in Brooklyn, New York and New Jersey.